Slip and Fall Personal Injury Attorneys

A slip and fall may happen at any time and can result in painful and debilitating injuries. Businesses and property owners are required to provide safe conditions throughout the premises, both inside and out, but that isn’t always the case. Premises liability includes properly marking slippery or wet areas, clearing sidewalks and outdoor walkways of snow and ice buildup, and keeping up with maintenance. Injuries from slip and falls may result in pain and suffering, lost wages, high medical bills, and require extensive rehabilitation. If you are a victim of someone else’s negligence, Eric M. Glasson & Associates can help you achieve justice and the compensation you deserve.

Slip and falls are hard to prove and require an extensive about of time, energy and resources. The attorneys at Eric M. Glasson & Associates are experienced in handling the legal complexities presented with slip and fall cases and will work diligently to see the case through to a successful resolution.

Common factors in slip and fall cases

  • Poor Lighting
  • Ice / Snow Buildup
  • Damaged Railings
  • Malfunctioning Escalators
  • Malfunctioning Automatic Doors
  • Carpet Damage

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